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I have been collecting sea glass like a madwoman lately. I can’t believe how wonderfully the ocean deals with this type of human garbage. I know some sea glass aficionados claim sea glass is disappearing. That may be true for the really old stuff from shipwrecks, but as long as people keep tossing rubbish into the ocean we’ll keep getting sea glass. Not that I condone littering, but I am always happy to find a glowing gem of glass, given a new life by the sea.

Sea Glass Driftwood Mobile by The Rubbish Revival

Sea Glass & Driftwood Mobile by The Rubbish Revival

Here is a look at my favorite beach. The sun and the moon where vying for attention this particularly warm February evening.



One Comment

  1. Well these are magnificent!!! And I can’t help but inquire as to their availability… I am a Gallery owner/Antique dealer in Hawaii, and avid sea glass collector. Do you wholesale these mobile/chimes? If so, I’m very interested in carrying your work.

    Cinderella’s – Holualoa
    Art – Antiques – Jewelry
    (808) 936-4901 cel
    (808) 322-6838 shop

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